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Escape to the Beautiful Island of Cyprus

Escape to the Beautiful Island of Cyprus

Whether you want to escape the concrete jungle and the stress of living in a big city, or simply want to find a safe haven for your family, Cyprus is the ideal destination for relocation.  Often called the ‘Island of Love’ Cyprus has a rich cultural background and is strategically situated between three continents, Europe, Asia and Africa. The world is your oyster if you are living in Cyprus, with excellent flight connections you can be anywhere in Europe or Asia in a few hours.  Cypriot citizenship by investment and obtaining a Cypriot passport offers you the opportunity for a better quality of life and the prospect of doing business with any of the 28 EU member states.

According to studies done by the EU, the cost of living in Cyprus is 25% lower than the European average. You can expect a high standard of living because you can buy more with your funds in Cyprus than the Global average. Apart from the financial aspect which is all positive, one cannot dismiss the perfect living conditions in Cyprus. The Cypriots are well known for their hospitality and warmth and at least 90% of the population speaks fluent English. The beautiful countryside with mountains and sea views makes this island a magical place of serenity and beauty. The Cypriots have mastered the art of taking it easy and even if at times this can be frustrating, it almost forces you to slow down and start living a stress free life.

Once you become a Cypriot citizen by investment you can take advantage of the wonderful Mediterranean climate with glorious sunshine for 340 days of the year. The pristine beaches and the deep blue sea can be enjoyed for at least 7 months of the year.

Get to know Cyprus, every town has something unique to offer, whether you want to visit the coastline or the mountains, do big business or go fishing everywhere you go you will find something of interest.

The capital of the Republic of Cyprus is Nicosia, which is the only divided city in the world. The hub for most big business, Nicosia is where all the major government department and foreign embassies are located.

The capital of Northern Cyprus is Famagusta which is located east of Nicosia.

On the Turkish side of the island you will find the beautiful seaside town of Kyrenia which is located on the northern coast of Cyprus and noted for its historic harbor and castle. Kyrenia is also home to three universities with a student population of around 14,000.

We also have the beautiful city of Larnaca which is the third largest city on the island and home to the main airport and second largest Port. A business hub in its own right, with imports and exports being their main activity.

Limassol is the second largest city in Cyprus and has the islands main port and therefore controls imports and exports by sea in and out of the country.

Paphos which is a coastal city on the south west side of the island is a huge attraction for tourists with its picturesque villages and amazing beaches and mountain retreats.

The island is a great place to raise your children. Life is truly carefree for children in Cyprus and you will see many of them happily playing outside their homes in relative safety. Academic institutions in Cyprus are also on a par with any major learning establishments worldwide. Another consideration when becoming a Cypriot citizen by investments, is that you and your family will have the choice of working or studying in all 28 EU countries.

Healthcare for Cypriot citizens is also of a very high standard and recognized worldwide as being on a par with all developed countries. State run government hospitals are located in all the major towns and there are also a number of excellent private hospitals. Healthcare is relatively inexpensive when compared to the rest of Europe and there are some great medical aid packages offered by the insurance companies to cover you and your whole family.

Increased interest in the relocation of foreign investors who are willing to apply for Cypriot citizenship and a Cypriot passport through the investment incentives, has been noted and this is due to the financial and political security together with the attractive tax incentives offered by the Cypriot government. Investments are protected by legislation that is a directive of the EU which will give investors peace of mind. The ease with which non EU citizens can obtain Cypriot permanent residency through investments is a big draw and provided they meet the criteria this is a legal way to fast track citizenship into Cyprus and the European Union.

Cyprus is a small, modern and dynamic island that offers great opportunities for business ventures with its excellent international business infrastructure and activities. The strategic location of the island and its EU membership are a great draw for foreigners who want to relocate. Live like a king on an island that is always on holiday and capitalize on the competitive advantages that the Cypriot government offers. Following the legal and regulatory rules and regulations of the EU and with the advanced technical infrastructure, anyone can make Cyprus their business headquarters and have access to the whole of Europe. By obtaining Cypriot citizenship and a Cypriot passport you automatically become an EU citizen which opens many doors. Obtaining second citizenship in Cyprus and by extension the European Union is quick and relatively easy, as long as you can cover the required investments and have no criminal record, this could be done within 3 months.

Recent developments in Cyprus allow all non EU residents easy access to Cypriot citizenship through investments. There are huge incentives in place and becoming a citizen by investment could not be simpler, provided you invest EUR 2 million in real estate or business. This is called becoming a Cypriot citizen by Exception, and is only possible if you meet the criteria and have investments in Cyprus as specified by the new laws. Extended family members and the parents of the main applicant can also apply for Cypriot citizenship provided that an additional EU500, 000 + Vat is spent on purchasing a private residence in any area of the Republic of Cyprus. Having a permanent home which is valued at least EUR 500,000 plus vat is essential to obtain Cypriot citizenship by investment, this property can be part of the overall EUR 2 million investment.

If you fit the criteria and wish to relocate your family to a magnificent, safe and secure country then you cannot go wrong with making Cyprus your choice. Having the best of both worlds is no longer a myth, Cyprus can offer it all.