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Private Hospitals in Cyprus

Private Hospitals in Cyprus

The Cyprus healthcare system consists of state-funded public services which are inexpensive or free for low income citizens of Cyprus and the EU. Private health services are relatively cheap in comparison to countries like the UK and they are readily available for everyone. Emergency medical treatment in Cyprus is free all citizens. Most of the doctors who run these private facilities are specialists in their field having studied and trained abroad in some of the most prestigious medical universities.  Most of the doctors speak English and that is one of the reasons we have so many expats from the UK living on the island.

For those who prefer to go ‘private’, Cyprus has many excellent private hospitals and clinics in all major cities and some of the bigger towns. Most of them do have emergency and ambulance services, so make sure you are familiar with those close to where you live. If you are not entitled to a hospital card or prefer to avoid delays that are inevitable in the public sector, it is advisable to invest in medical insurance. There are quite a few companies in Cyprus that offer medical insurance through big International names as well as those that offer local medical cover which can be a lot cheaper. Be vigilant when choosing a private healthcare provider, read the fine print and make sure you know exactly what you are covered for. In the event of an emergency make sure your family knows who to contact and how to proceed. Some companies will make you pay up front and then allow you claim, others can be contacted and depending on the policy, pay for everything directly to the doctors and hospital. If you already have healthcare from another country it might be worth your while to check if you are able to extend the cover to include your stay in Cyprus.

The quality of healthcare provided by the trained medical professionals in Cyprus is considered to be of a very high standard, and who you see will depend on recommendations from family and friends or referrals from general practitioners. For emergency situations, all the public hospitals and many of the private hospitals do have an ambulance service. Details of these services can be obtained from your doctor so that you can have the correct contact details on hand in case of an emergency. Your doctor will more than likely be affiliated with one of the private clinics and available for you if you need urgent care. For those with chronic illnesses, be aware that foreign prescriptions will not be honored by pharmacies in Cyprus. You would need to see a local doctor and obtain a new prescription. There are many pharmacies in all major cities and towns in Cyprus and finding one near your place of residence will not be difficult. If you need a prescription for controlled substances in Cyprus you should bring an original script with you when visiting a doctor the first time.

Emergency numbers in Cyprus

112 - General emergency number for EU countries

199 - The local emergency number in Cyprus

List of all licensed private hospitals and clinics in the Republic of Cyprus

The countdown for the new National Health Scheme (GESY) in Cyprus has begun and it is expected to be finalized in the next couple of years. This Health Scheme will ensure that everyone has a right to healthcare without discriminations or restrictions. The scheme that was recently voted in by parliament will follow some of the rules of the NHS in the UK were citizens of Cyprus will be able to take advantage of private healthcare without worrying about finances. A National software program is being prepared which is a pre-requisite for this plan to work. The principle behind this new plan is that every citizen will become a beneficiary, regardless of their pre-existing or chronic conditions. By March 2019, it is expected that the Social Insurance Services will start collecting contributions from all Cypriot citizens for the GESY. By this time it is expected that the registry of personal physicians and specialists will be completed. Pharmacists and labs will follow. GESY is expected to be fully operational by June 1, 2019 with inpatient care.