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Who is entitled to Cypriot Citizenship?

Who is entitled to Cypriot Citizenship?

Who ıs entıtled to Cypriot Citizenship?

Whether you want to escape the concrete jungle and the stress of living in a big city, or simply want to find a safe haven for your family, Cyprus is the ideal destination for relocation.  Often called the ‘Island of Love’ Cyprus has a rich cultural background and is strategically situated between three continents, Europe, Asia and Africa. The world is your oyster if you are living in Cyprus, with excellent flight connections you can be anywhere in Europe or Asia in a few hours.  Cypriot citizenship, whether through relationships or by investment, offers you the opportunity for a better quality of life and the prospect of doing business or studying in any of the 28 EU member states.

Determınıng your elıgıbılıty for Cyprıot Cıtızenshıp ıs sımple. There are a number of ways you can apply for citizenship and these are set as follows:

If you parents, especially your father is a Cypriot national, you can apply for citizenship even from abroad through the Cypriot Embassy. If your father is born in Cyprus and has a Cypriot passport, you can apply for citizenship if you were born after the 16th August 1960. If your mother was or is Cypriot you can apply for citizenship if you were born after 11th June 1999. Before you can get a passport you will have to make an application for a Consular Birth Certificate in Cyprus or abroad through one of the Cypriot Embassies, the Application for a Consular Birth Certificate is form M121.  If your husband is a Cypriot citizen and you have been living in Cyprus for 7 years, you are also eligible for citizenship. You would also have to be living in Cyprus continuously for the last year.  If you're applying as a spouse you'll need a statement of harmonious cohabitation from an Officer of the District Administration Office or the diplomatic authority in your country. The children from this union will also be automatically entitled to Cypriot Citizenship.

For UK citizens whose father is Cypriot, you can apply through your UK citizenship as long as you were born before 16th August 1960. Citizenship through relationship is a matter of making an application and supplying all the requested documentation. Applications are submitted in Cyprus through the proper channels or at any Cypriot embassy abroad.

Applying for citizenship does involve quite a bit of paperwork and you will have to be sure you get the right application forms, most of them are available online on the Ministry for the Interior website. For citizenship through your parents you will need to have information and copies of their original birth certificates. Gathering the required documentation can be difficult especially if your parents have lived abroad for many years. Their marriage certificate as well as copies of their passports will be required.

Recent developments in Cyprus allow all non EU residents easy access to Cypriot citizenship through investments. There are huge incentives in place and becoming a citizen by investment could not be simpler, provided you invest EUR 2 million in real estate or business. This is called becoming a Cypriot citizen by Exception, and is only possible if you meet the criteria and have investments in Cyprus as specified by the new laws. Extended family members and the parents of the main applicant can also apply for Cypriot citizenship provided that an additional EU500, 000 + Vat is spent on purchasing a private residence in any area of the Republic of Cyprus. Having a permanent home which is valued at least EUR 500,000 plus vat is essential to obtain Cypriot citizenship by investment, this property can be part of the overall EUR 2 million investment. This investment can be made in construction, property or a company. Investment funds to the same value will also be considered for Cypriot citizenship. The investments must be made three years prior to your application.

The latest legislation and the criteria that has to be met to qualify for Cypriot citizenship by investment, simply put, is as follows:

Minimum value of investment is €2 million which can be invested in any or all of the following:

•            Immovable Property (Personal and/or Commercial)

•            Government bonds up to €500,000

•            Investments with Cypriot businesses and organizations

It is also good to note that the Cypriot government does not have a mandatory amount that needs to be donated to the State, or a language proficiency test, unlike some other countries that have implemented similar naturalization schemes.

The procedure, once the financial criteria is met, is fairly simple. Once the application has been approved by the Council of Ministers, citizenship is normally given within 3 months. It is always a good idea to get advice and guidance from companies like Property Cyprus Limited, who have the knowhow and advisors to guide you every step of the way.

Once you become a Cypriot citizen by investment you can take advantage of the wonderful Mediterranean climate with glorious sunshine for 340 days of the year. The pristine beaches and the deep blue sea can be enjoyed for at least 7 months of the year.

There is a wide range of very low risk investment opportunities. All the information required is listed on the official website of the Ministry of Interior (