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Study in Cyprus


The University of Cyprus which is in Nicosia, was established in 1989 and today has over 7000 students. The main priorities of the University of Cyprus is to be established as a research institution and achieve International Scientific Recognition and to become a centre of excellence in the Euro-Mediterranean region.

Admission for the majority of undergraduates is granted after they successfully pass the entrance examinations that are organized by the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Cyprus. In the event of students with special needs or circumstances, they can be admitted under certain other provisions.

Most of the subjects are taught in Greek and only Cypriot citizens or those who have at least one parent of Cypriot origin are allowed to study at the University of Cyprus. Repatriated Cypriots and Cypriots who are permanent residents in other countries can be admitted and this is limited to just 3% or the total students admitted. Turkish Cypriots who have finished high school are also entitled to attend as long as they pass the equivalent exams.


The University of Nicosia is the largest in Cyprus with over 11,000 students from 70 countries around the world. Located in the capital, Nicosia, the University of Nicosia is well known for its pursuit of excellence in teaching, research and technology. Admission to the university is granted according to the minimum requirements as specified in each field. For undergraduates, admission depends on high school grades and proficiency in English. The medical school has a separated admissions policy and this is outlined on their website. Transfer students from other accredited universities or colleges are accepted, as long as the quality of their studies are equivalent to the courses offered by UNIC. Postgraduate admissions require a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited university. Most of the courses are taught in English with the exception of graduate programs that are solely focused on Cyprus and Greece, which are taught in Greek.


The European University of Cyprus has been established in the Republic of Cyprus since 1961. Situated in Nicosia the university currently has a student body of over 5,600. Previously known as Cyprus College, the European University of Cyprus received its current status in 2007. The university provides internationally recognized undergraduate, graduate and doctorate degrees in a variety of subjects and it belongs to the Laureate International Universities, which is a network of Higher Education Institutions in the United States. The European commission has also awarded the university the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System Label.


Neapolis University is a new fast growing university that opened its doors in 2010. Situated in the town of Paphos on the west coast of Cyprus the university offers undergraduate, graduate and PhD programs in both Greek and English. The Neapolis University Paphos (NUP) offers degrees in Economic and Business Studies, Law, Health Sciences, Architecture & Land and Environmental Sciences, Theology and Greek Civilization. These degrees are recognized in all EU countries. Neapolis is a private institution and its mission is to provide the highest quality of education through research and contribute to the development of economic and cultural excellence in our society. The academic year is divided into two semesters with some courses scheduled over the summer holidays.


Frederick University is a private university with two campuses, one in Nicosia and one in Limassol. Subjects offered by Frederick University are in Science, Research and Technology. Originally known as Frederick's Institute of Technology, this establishment has been around since 1975, the university status was awarded in 2007. At Frederick's University students are accepted for admission on the basis of their academic qualifications. The programs are based on the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System. The university currently offers undergraduate, masters and PhD degrees. Transfer admissions from recognized secondary schools and accredited programs at other institutions are eligible to apply. Transcripts are evaluated by the relevant departments to determine the amount of credits to be transferred in accordance with the curriculum. As most of the courses are conducted in English, proficiency in English is required for all programs at Fredericks University and placement exams are conducted before enrollment.


The Open University of Cyprus is the only distance learning university in Cyprus. It is the only Higher Institution in Cyprus that offers undergraduate and postgraduate level studies in the form of long distance e-learning through an electronic portal. With the advancement of technology it is now possible to earn a degree studying from home with no boundaries of space or time. The aim is to offer the opportunity for anyone who want to learn regardless of age or background and without the usual constraints or cost of conventional universities.