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Off the beaten track in Polis Area

Off the beaten track in Polis Area

Off the beaten track in the Polis Area

One of the most picturesque coastlines in Cyprus can be located in the Pomos and Pyrgos area. This is a true paradise for visitors that prefer peace and quiet, surrounded by greenery and beautiful beaches. Kato Pyrgos is the only Cypriot village located in the Morphou Bay that is controlled by the Republic of Cyprus. This village borders the controlled area where the Green Line was drawn after the 1974 invasion by Turkey. In 2010 a crossing line was opened in this area which allows visitors to cross over the occupied areas and travel to Nicosia.  Although this area is isolated, it can be easily reached if you are prepared to travel from Paphos to Latchi and then to the village of Pomos. Kato Pyrgos is a few kilometres from Pomos and the whole trip is well worth the journey as there are uninterrupted views of the mountains and coastline which are exclusive to the area.

If you are starting out from Paphos, drive to Polis which is roughly half an hour away. Here you can stop at Latchi which is a beautiful area with pristine beaches and lovely fish tavernas. If you prefer something more upmarket you can also visit the Anassa Hotel for a gourmet lunch. This is one of the best 5 star hotels on the island. The little harbour in Latchi also hires out boats so you could rent one or go on an excursion around the Akamas peninsula. This is the only national park in Cyprus that offers unspoilt coastlines and magical beaches. The boats usually stop just out of the blue lagoon beach which is where you will find the sea turtles nestling on the beach.

After the town of Polis which has a lot of restaurants and cafés to visit you will carry on driving west towards Pomos. This is a drive full of amazing views of the forest and coastline. On the way you will find the village of Pachyammos which has the magnificent byzantine church of St Raphael. This church was built in 1991 after one of the villagers witnessed a miracle that happened in the saint’s name. The church is located on the coastline and it is very ornate filled with beautiful icons and statues.   

Pomos itself is a very small village built by the sea. There are only a few casual restaurants were you can have fresh fish and local delicacies. If you want to enjoy the beach in this area you will find sunbeds on the beach that can be rented out for a small fee. The sea in this location is crystal clear and the beaches are very clean. The village is located in the district of Tilyria and lies 60 kilometres northeast of Paphos. It is almost like the sea meets the mountains in this area and you will find citrus trees, banana plantations, olive and almond trees all along the route. The natural vegetation in this area is majestic pine trees that appear just above the coastline.

To end you day trip you can travel further to Kato Pyrgos which is the last town you will find before the green line which leads to the area that is occupied by Turkish forces. This remote village is quite small but it is built on the foothills of the Troodos Mountains and has a beautiful valley and crystal clear waters. The village is considered to be in the Nicosia district and is about 70 kilometres if you want to cross the border crossing and travel through the occupied areas. This small community only has around 1500 residents with this number swelling substantially during the summer months due to thousands of holidaymakers finding themselves enjoying the pristine beaches and the peace and quiet that this area has to offer.  There are a few hotels and hotel apartments that you can stay in and the fish tavernas in this area are well known for their fresh fish and Cypriot cuisine. During the summer months the council of Pyrgos hosts music and dancing events in the village square. In the village square you will find an impressive oak tree that was planted in 1898 and reaches a height of 20 meters. The area is famous for its fruit trees with ample peaches, oranges, mandarins and figs are found. There are also a couple of impressive old churches to see in this village, the one is dedicated to St. Eirini and the other Saints Constantinos and Eleni Galoktisti.

For those who don’t mind the distance, this is a wonderful day trip that will show you the unspoiled part of Cyprus.