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Moving to Cyprus

Moving to Cyprus

Moving to Cyprus

Cyprus is a dream destination in the Mediterranean, close to Europe and Asia. As part of the European Union, the island has a lot to offer Cypriots who are living abroad or other nationalities. The sublime weather and the relaxed lifestyle, together with all the possible amenities you can think of, are a huge draw for any person who wants to relocate. Moving to any foreign country does have its challenges, Cyprus is no different. If you are not Cypriot or an EU citizen you will need a visa to stay in Cyprus for over three months and a work permit if you want to work on the island. It is always wise to apply for a job before you actually make the move so that you have a guaranteed income from the beginning. Your future employee will need to send you a contract and help you get the proper documentation for a work permit. This will give you the chance to live in Cyprus and test the waters before you make the final plunge. Fluency in Greek and English are a huge plus when looking for work on the island. Non Cypriots will have to register as an Alien and get an Alien Registration Card or yellow slip for identification purposes. Non EU citizens with sufficient income can also live in Cyprus. This is usually retired persons you have property and can prove that they have a regular income from outside of Cyprus. In most cases you would need to reapply for a visa on an annual basis so that you can prove that you have the necessary funds in a local bank account.

Families would need to research schools for their children. If they are Greek speaking they could enrol their children in the public schools. For non-Greeks there are private English medium schools in all the main cities in Cyprus. There are also excellent colleges and universities for older students. The decision of where to live in Cyprus will depend on where your job is or if you have relatives in a particular area that you want to be close to. Once this is settled then you have a choice of where to find a residence. Most people rent a home initially until they have settled down and are ready to buy a home for their family. Rentals are considered very reasonable if you compare them to most European cities, but salaries are relatively low so the cost of living can prove to be a bit difficult if you do not have a good income. Like most European countries utilities in Cyprus are very good and everyone has adequate electricity and water. There are very fast internet connections and a massive infrastructure for all types of businesses. Modern facilities are available in all walks of life. Telephones and the Internet is provided, for the most part, by the Cyprus Telecommunications Authority, the fixed charge are low, and the tariffs are some of the best in Europe.

One of the biggest draws for living in Cyprus is the very low crime rate and the relative safe lifestyle. Another huge plus is the weather, Cyprus can boast over 300 days of sunshine a year. On the financial side, the taxation system is low compared to other countries and this attracts many businessmen and women. The proximity with the European Union makes Cyprus the ideal place to live as you can be anywhere in Europe or Asia within a few hours. Cyprus is a very cosmopolitan place and most people speak fluent English so you will have no trouble communicating or getting around. The beaches in Cyprus are renowned and many have Blue Flag awards for cleanliness. Cyprus is the ideal place for those who love the sun and the sea.

Like anywhere else in the world, having a good income and being able to live comfortably is ideal. The cost of living is relatively lower than most European cities and in most circumstances, if your expectations are not too high, you can live comfortably and safely in a place where hospitality is the norm.  The people are very friendly and welcoming and once you have settled down you can be very happy in a place that is picturesque and small enough to allow you to travel from one end of the island to the other, in a couple of hours.