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Medical Tourism in Cyprus

Medical Tourism in Cyprus

Medical Tourism in Cyprus

Modern private hospitals and clinics, with state of the art equipment and experienced, highly trained doctors and medical staff, have been the reason why Cyprus has become a popular destination for medical tourism.  Specialist doctors who have trained in Europe and the USA are at the head of the medical teams that perform all types of medical procedures at very reasonable prices. There is also the draw of combining a medical procedure with a relaxing holiday that will help you recuperate in a country that is an idyllic destination. Some of the most popular procedures done on the island are annual check-ups, reconstructive or cosmetic surgery, cardiac care and dental and surgical procedures. Many of the private clinics offer special packages that also include hotel accommodation for the recuperation period.

Cyprus is easily accessible from Europe, Asia and the Middle East and is a convenient location for medical tourism. Apart from the excellent medical facilities there are also a considerable number of clinical laboratories which offer a vast range of diagnostic tests with speedy results. Another advantage is that the doctors and staff all speak English with some being fluent in Russian, German, French and Arabic. Private Doctors can be seen with same day appointments and there is usually no long waiting list for medical procedures. The Cyprus Ministry of Health ( and the Cyprus Health Services Promotion Board (, can provide information, contacts and advice on medical procedures and health services offered on the island, as can individual private health service providers.

Cyprus was one of the first entrants into the European medical tourism sector and has rapidly established a national incentive to promote these services. In 2006, the Cyprus Health Services Promotion Board was founded with the priority of developing and promotion Cyprus as a medical centre. This initiative has been very successful and many people come to the island to take advantage of the sophisticated modern medical facilities and the specialist medical staff which offer high quality treatment in a safe and enjoyable environment. Cyprus might be a very small country but it does have a substantial healthcare infrastructure with around 80 private hospitals and clinics, modern medical centres with the latest in high tech equipment. This EU member state also offers medical procedures at reasonable prices which are often a fraction of UK and US costs. Strictly regulated and fully in line with EU legislation, medical industry standards are high in Cyprus. The implementation of the 2011 European Union directive on cross border healthcare has had an impact on medical tourism in Cyprus. This is due to the long waiting lists and higher costs in other countries. Cyprus has also opened its gates and created more opportunities for foreign medical practitioners to perform procedures in the country, thereby encouraging cross-border cooperation in the medical field.

One of the biggest draws is also the fact that you can combine medical care with post treatment recuperation in a variety of high standard hotels and apartments around the island. You can also have your family or carers catered for in luxurious and pleasing surroundings while you get back on your feet. Cyprus is also one of the leading spa treatment destination in Europe and for those who enjoy relaxation and pampering, this could be the best location in the Mediterranean. Many hotels are offering special offers for people who come to the island for medical procedures. Although this is a relatively new market in the tourism industry, there has been an impressive growth in the last few years of people seeking cosmetic surgery, diagnostic testing and fertility treatment. The medical tourists are generally from Russia, the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany and the Middle East. Cyprus has also seen an increase in tourists coming for health and wellbeing in the numerous highly recommended Spa resorts around the island.

Cyprus has become a popular country for retirees especially from the UK. Pensioners in Cyprus can receive free medical care at any of the public hospitals. However, one of the services that is lacking in Cyprus, is rehabilitation centres and old age homes for the aged. This sector of medical care has not been adequately developed and is an ideal investment opportunity for leading medical institutions abroad.