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Living in Nicosia

Living in Nicosia

Nicosia is the capital of the Republic of Cyprus and also the administrative, commercial, educational, religious and cultural centre of the island. Geographically, Nicosia is situated in the centre of the island and is linked to all main towns and cities by a modern highway system. As a low tax destination, Cyprus offers an attractive package to anyone who wishes to live on the island. You can enjoy the benefits of island life in the Mediterranean and take advantage of the many incentives offered for business or leisure. Nicosia offers the sophistication of living in a cosmopolitan city and also offers old year charm with its abundance of historical sites. Although Nicosia is not a coastal town, it is only a half hour drive away from the glistening blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea. For those who prefer the cool air of the forest, the stunning Troodos Mountains are only a short drive away.

Some of the best and most exclusive residential areas in Nicosia are situated in the suburbs of Archaggelos, Makedonitissa and Aglantjia. Because Nicosia is also the educational centre of Cyprus, there are many apartment blocks that have been built to accommodate the thousands of students that live in the city centre. For those seeking to rent or purchase property in Nicosia there is a huge choice of properties available ranging from studio apartments to penthouses or houses ranging from small bungalows to multi-level luxurious mansions. Whatever your choice, you will be sure to find what you are looking for at much lower prices than other European capitals.

There are many advantages of living in Nicosia, first and foremost it is the business centre of Cyprus and offers superior telecommunications and business facilities for big business. All the embassies and multi-national companies are situated in the capital city and there are a lot of business opportunities to take advantage of. When it comes to education, Nicosia offers an excellent range of private and government run schools for all ages. Nicosia also has the most universities and colleges on the island that offer graduate and post graduate degrees in all subjects. The main language for studying at one of the universities is English and that is why there are thousands of international students studying in Nicosia. Cyprus’ strategic location at the crossroads of Africa, Europe and Asia offers easy access to students in the area. Direct flights to all cities in these areas has made it easy for students to choose Cyprus for their studies.

The cosmopolitan city of Nicosia has a lot to offer shoppers and diners with its modern shopping malls and superior dining establishments. You will find quaint local tavernas that serve traditional Cypriot meals to large international chains and fine dining restaurants.  Nicosia also offers many cultural events throughout the year and interesting museums and sites to visit. There are beautiful parks situated in the city and many recreational areas to visit.

All EU citizens can reside and work in Cyprus. Many businesses have been established and the movement of capital and goods is freely allowed within the EU. For non EU citizens, there are attractive incentives that are in place which will allow you to obtain Cypriot citizenship with the investment of funds in Cyprus. Many have taken advantage of this offer and by having Cypriot citizenship they also automatically became EU citizens. Competitive corporate taxes and a business friendly environment have attracted many foreign investors to the island. The excellent infrastructure and multilingual environment in Nicosia has been a huge draw to international businesses. Recreationally Nicosia always has a lot going on, from museums and art galleries to cinema and theatrical events and concerts, there is never a shortage of things to do in this interesting city.

Healthcare is another big consideration when moving to a new country. Nicosia offers a new and well equipped hospital that is government run as well as many private health clinics. Expatriates living in Nicosia are entitled to use the public hospital and if you are a permanent resident and qualify, you will be able to use these facilities for free.

If you have decided to relocate to Nicosia, it is best to rent somewhere to live for a few months before making the decision to buy. Getting a feel for the city and what it has to offer could be the deciding point of which area you want purchase your permanent residence.