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Get Cypriot Passport in 6 Months

Get Cypriot Passport in 6 Months

If you have €2 million to invest you can easily obtain a Cypriot Passport and in turn become a citizen of the European Union. The investment program initiated by the Cypriot Government offers unique advantages for those who want to invest in Cyprus and you could get your initial investment back in just three years. There are no language requirements and dual citizenship is permitted. Prior to naturalization, the applicant must possess a residency permit in the Republic of Cyprus for a period of at least six months. With a Cypriot passport you will have full EU rights which include work, study and travel as well as the freedom to reside in any European Union country. You will automatically have free Visa travel to 156 countries worldwide. Citizenship is granted to your whole family who would also have inheritance rights. Once the criteria are met it takes up to 6 months for approval.

One of the requirements are that you own a €500,000 residence in Cyprus and have a clean criminal record. The €2 million excluding Vat, can be invested in real estate, infrastructure projects or land development. You can also invest in Cypriot businesses or companies as an owner or partner as long as the company has a presence in Cyprus and employs a least 5 local citizens. You can also have deposits in Cypriot banks or invest in government bonds. Investment in financial assets of Cypriot organizations with bonds, securities and debentures are also allowed.

It is always a good idea to find a reputable lawyers office that specializes in citizenship matters to help you with the applications. They will require the following paperwork which has to be submitted with the application to the Ministry of Interior, together with a fee of €2,000.

  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of Birth Certificate
  • Copy of Marriage Certificate
  • Certificate of criminal record
  • Two passport size photographs
  • Curriculum Vitae of applicant
  • Proof of total investments in Cyprus
  • Utility bill proving place of residence in Cyprus
  • The application ‘Form for Civil Union’ completed by both parties

All documents issued in any other country must be certified and authenticated as well as translated into English or Greek.

Once your application meets all the criteria required the Minister of Interior will present your case to the Council of Ministries for final approval. With approval and an additional €5,000 you will be issued with a Certificate of Naturalization. With this certificate you can apply to the Migration Department and the Civil Registry for a Cypriot Passport. A passport is also issued to the investors spouse and children up to the age of 28. The investors parents are also entitled to apply for citizenship provided they are owners of a permanent residence in Cyprus, valued at least €500,000.

This program has already attracted over 4 billion Euros of investments in Cyprus. This very appealing offer is unique in Europe and investors that have taken advantage of this offer can freely reside, work or study in any EU member state including Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland.

Granting of citizenship without the investment program applies to people who have lived in Cyprus for over 7 years within 20 consecutive years. Citizenship as opposed to Residence Permit is not granted for the entire family, only the spouse who has been living in Cyprus for the full 7 years and minor children of the couple.

Why Cyprus?

  • Multicultural Society
  • Full member of the EU since 2004
  • Quality international colleges and universities
  • Excellent modern medical facilities
  • 2 International airports
  • Popular Mediterranean tourist destination
  • Sunshine for over 320 days a year
  • Travel more freely to other European countries
  • Low Corporate Tax and Double Tax Treaties
  • English language widely spoken
  • Very high level of safety and political stability
  • Safe environment with very low crime

The Benefits of having a Cypriot Passport

  • Become a EU Citizen in less than 6 months
  • No Residence requirements
  • Work, Study or live in any EU country
  • Visa free travel to over 158 countries
  • Get citizenship for your whole family
  • No Language requirements
  • Keep dual citizenship
  • Have the right to vote as a European citizen
  • Citizenship can be passed on to future generation by descent
  • Property can be sold after 3 years
  • Investment opportunities in all sectors

 The Cyprus Government as part of the European Union has put together an attractive program to encourage investors and their families to obtain a Permanent Residency Permit by purchasing property in Cyprus