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Flights to Cyprus

Flights to Cyprus

Larnaca International Airport (LCA) is the main airport in Cyprus and it is located 5km from Larnaca. Larnaca Airport was built in 1974 after the invasion of Cyprus by Turkey which forced the closure of the Nicosia International Airport. Hastily built prefabricated structures were built and the airport officially opened in February 1975. The airport was rebuilt in 1998 in order to be able to service the millions of tourists that arrived on the island yearly. Substantial upgrades were completed in 2006 and today LCA is a fully-fledged International airport that the Cypriots can be proud of. In July 2016 the airport was renamed Larnaca International Airport – Glafcos Clerides in honor of the former president of the Republic of Cyprus. Geographically situated between Europe, Africa, Russia and the Middle East, Larnaca airport has become an important airline hub between these countries and currently services over 30 international and 30 charter flights with passengers and cargo services. Currently 67 airlines fly from Larnaca Airport and nonstop flights are available to 83 cities in Europe, the Middle East, UK and Russia amongst others.

Paphos International Airport (PFO) is the second largest airport in Cyprus, which opened in 1982, and is situated 14 km outside Paphos town. This airport is a joint military and public airport and is more commonly used by charter flights that bring tourists to western Cyprus and the stunning seaside resort of Paphos. Major upgrades were done in 2006 and this airport receives just under 2.5 million tourists annually. With lower landing charges Paphos International airport has attracted many low cost airlines like Ryanair which offers over 80 flights a week to destinations in Europe and the UK.

The price of airfares to Cyprus varies, and are more expensive in the summer months and around Easter. Out of Season, it is not unusual to find flights to Cyprus under €60 and very attractive, all-inclusive deals, at some of the best hotels.

United Kingdom – tourism

For decades, Cyprus has been a very popular destination for the British. With so many cheap charter flights, Cyprus is well within the reach of most Britons who come to the island regularly.  The British market plays a huge role in the overall tourist industry in Cyprus, and until recently the highest number of tourist visiting the island on a yearly basis have been from the UK. For the first time ever, in 2014, the Russian market exceeded all expectations and managed to come first in arrivals.

Russian tourism

Transaero offers non-stop flights from Moscow to Larnaca Airport and there are more than 15 flights weekly. With so many Russians living in Cyprus and the new wave of Russian tourists arriving on the island, more flights will be introduced in the summer months. The flying time from Moscow to Cyprus is just under 4 hours. The new trend of Russians choosing Cyprus as their holiday destination is evident in the amount of flights travelling to Cyprus non-stop.

Chinese tourism

Air China has also introduced more flights to Cyprus in the last couple of years. Flights from China to Cyprus are just over 9 hours. Cyprus and particularly the Cyprus Tourism Organization CTO are currently promoting the island as the ideal place for holidays and investments with the pending launch of a new internet platform called ‘CYhere’. This platform is designed to show all the tourist attractions and services as well as to promote business and industry in Cyprus, with the aim to enhance the visibility of Cyprus to the Chinese public.  The potential here is huge and an influx of more tourists from China in the near future is expected.

Arab tourism

With such a short distance between Cyprus and the Middle East, there are daily flights arriving from Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Syria and Egypt in fact from all Arab countries. Cyprus has enjoyed a very close relationship with all these countries and multiple daily flights provide connections either way.

Flying to Northern Cyprus 

There is only one airport on the divided northern side of Cyprus, Ercan (ECN). It is not possible to fly to ECN directly from anywhere except Turkey. If you want to visit northern Cyprus you would have to take a flight to Turkey first as the only airline that lands at ECN is Turkish airlines. For those who want to visit the north, it is very easy to cross over from various checkpoints that are open in the Republic of Cyprus, without a problem. All you need is identification and you can drive over to see all the beautiful sites that the north has to offer.