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Destination Weddings in Cyprus

Destination Weddings in Cyprus

Destination Weddings in Cyprus

Cyprus is one of the leading wedding destinations in Europe. The island is famous for its amazing climate, beautiful coastal sites and amazing venues for ceremonies and celebrations. The appeal of weddings in Cyprus is in part due to the short distance from many European destinations, and the relatively low costs. The other important advantage offered is that the marriage formalities are fairly simple and recognized worldwide. Wedding certificates are given to the newlyweds on the same day, in English which is a language widely spoken throughout the island. Small and large weddings can be catered for in a variety of venues which include beaches, yachts, castles, wineries, museums and traditional village houses. There are many wedding planners in Cyprus who undertake to organize weddings. Themed, packaged wedding plans are available to suit all interested parties. The beautiful crystal clear water of the Mediterranean Sea is a favourite setting for destination weddings and Cyprus also offers luxury villas or 5 star hotels for the couple’s guests. Most of the weddings are officiated at the local municipalities by licensed officers. Church weddings are also available if the couple are Christians and choose to be married by a priest. In this case you would still need to get your marriage license in order for the marriage legal to be legal, unless you are of Greek Orthodox faith in which case everything is organized through the church.

Cyprus has amazing venues suitable for all wedding styles. International cuisine as well as traditional Cypriot fare is offered by highly qualified caterers at all venues. The immediate family and friend who attend these weddings will be more than happy to make a holiday out of the occasion by choosing accommodation in self-catering apartments, villas or even 5 star hotels. Cyprus has a lot to offer, with activities to suit all tastes.  All towns and cities in Cyprus have their own Municipal Offices where you can acquire your Marriage License. Follow the link below to see a full list of Municipal Offices and Religious venues.

Planning a wedding needs a lot of coordinating and if you are far away it might be a good idea to hire a reputable wedding coordinator to do the research for you. The Cyprus Tourism Organization participates in Wedding Exhibitions in various locations throughout the year. If you are interested in getting married on the island you will find a lot of interesting information at these events. From five star hotels, to seaside piers, wineries, spa resorts, quaint villages and tavernas to specialized bespoke weddings, Cyprus can offer you the very best.

There are a few formalities that need to be addressed in order to obtain your marriage license. The first step is to apply for a marriage license in person upon arrival in Cyprus. This can be done at the Offices of the Municipality of your choice. You would need to supply legal identification which include passports and birth certificates. A joint application called the Notice of Marriage has to be submitted. At the same time, a declaration or oath or affirmation has to be made before the Marriage Officer and assurances given that they know of no impediment or other lawful hindrance to their marriage. You will be required to furnish an official certificate that you are not already married or make a sworn declaration before the Registrar of a District Court. If you are divorced or widowed you will have to supply documentation to prove it. Once all the paperwork is submitted and the formalities have been completed you will have to celebrate the marriage within 15 – 90 days. For urgent cases you can apply to the Marriage Officer for an earlier date and pay an advance fee. For persons under the age of 18 years, written consent must be obtained from the father or a legal guardian before an application will be considered. The couple has an option of two types of ceremonies, civil, church or both. They are both perfectly legal and recognized worldwide. The same paperwork is required for either ceremony venue. The required original documents that need to be submitted during the application procedure are the following:

  • Passports
  • Documents of single status confirming that each person is single and free to marry valid for at least 6 months.
  • Copies of two witness passports over the age of 18.
  • Decree absolute
  • Deed poll proof of name change
  • Death certificate of spouse
  • Evidence of parental consent if under 18 years old

Regardless of your chosen type of ceremony or wedding venue, the wedding procedure (booking, application, celebration) is done through the Civil Marriage Office of the Municipality you choose. A few months prior to your wedding you need to obtain the required paperwork and ensure that you possess all the legal documents prior to your arrival in Cyprus. The prescribed fee is €281, 92 if the wedding is celebrated within 15 days of the application procedure and €128, 15 if the wedding is celebrated 15 days after the application date within 3 months. It is paid during the application procedure in cash or visa. In case the wedding is performed in a wedding venue other than the Town Hall (hotel resorts, yachts, Medieval Castle, Municipal Park, Ethnographic Museum) an extra procedural fee is applied for each venue. The Certificate of Marriage is given directly to the couple after the completion of the ceremony. One or more certified copies of the Certificate of Marriage can be provided at the prescribed fee of €13, 67 for each. A certified copy is forwarded to the Embassy or Consulate in Cyprus of the respected home country of the couple.