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Cycling in Cyprus

Cycling in Cyprus

If you are an avid road cyclist or mountain biker, you will be able to see Cyprus from a different perspective that only bikers have the pleasure of seeing. There are bike trails all over Cyprus, but it seems that the most popular are on the picturesque North West side of the island, near Polis. There are amazing mountain bike trails and many deserted roads, with little, or no traffic that you can ride on. This area has it all, there is the Akamas peninsula with its natural beauty, the Paphos and Troodos Forests trails and the scenic coastal routes. Travel through valleys past quaint villages on your way up to the mountains, you can also stop on the way and enjoy some real Cypriot hospitality at the local tavernas.

Cyprus is well known for its magnificent weather with almost year round sunshine. You can ride your bike throughout the year, but take into consideration that it gets very hot in the summer months and it is best to ride early in the morning or late afternoon. Professional mountain bikers flock to the island for their training regime in winter and spring. The route you choose will depend on how fit you are and how rigorous a route you want to take. You can expect to find pine forest trails, smooth dirt roads or if you prefer something more laid back, coastal roads. It doesn’t matter which route you choose, you will be in awe at the amazing scenery. Most of these roads, apart from the coastal roads in summer, are deserted with barely any traffic which will make it a pleasant and safe bike trip.

The Troodos Mountains which is in the south west part of island, is the backdrop of yearly mountain biking events. At 1952 m above sea level this forest area is well known for its beauty and tranquility. Villages with traditional architecture and cobbled streets are dotted among vineyards, orchards and almond trees. While you are in this area you should take the time to visit the UNESCO World Heritage, Painted Churches of Troodos with their original Byzantine frescoes.

For a different view of Cyprus you can cycle in the Akamas area which is part of the Polis municipality. The unspoilt beauty of this area is a national treasure and there are different routes you can take. If you are into competitions it is good to note that hundreds of cyclists take part in different events that take place in this area annually. Every year in late September there is an Akamas Mountain Bike Challenge which all bikers are welcome to attend. In October you can take place in the yearly Governors Beach event in Limassol. This event is designed to accommodate amateurs and professional cyclists.

With the perfect weather and the varied cycling routes, Cyprus has become a favourite with cyclists from all over the world. Whether you want to cycle for pleasure or you are a serious competitor, you will find a route that is perfect for you. For the cycling enthusiasts, we have below, some interesting links that will give you many varied choices on cycling routes throughout the Republic of Cyprus. You can even choose your own route with which will give you trails to follow off the beaten track. You will have a choice of flat, hilly, uphill, downhill, quick rides and long tours, the sky is the limit, and all you need is a good quality mountain bike and you are ready to discover the real Cyprus and all it has to offer.

For your safety when cycling in remote areas, always take with you some water, a cell phone, spare tube and wear a helmet. Let your family or friends know which route you are taking just in case there is an emergency The links below will give you many different cycling routes around the island, and for those interested in competitive cycling the Cyprus Cycling Federation will give you all the information you need.

Cyprus Cycling Federation

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