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Agrotourism in Cyprus

Agrotourism in Cyprus

Not too far from the coast and the beautiful Mediterranean Sea, is another Cyprus waiting to be discovered. Far from the madding crowds lies the tranquility of rural Cyprus with its small villages, quant churches and mountain retreats. These areas have become part of the Cypriot government’s agro-tourism incentive which is aimed at restoring and preserving the heritage and culture of the villages and attracting visitors who can enjoy these areas for holidays and excursions. The Cyprus countryside has hundreds of picturesque villages, some of which have stood still in time with their few inhabitants still living off the land.

With rows and rows of vineyards dotting the countryside, there are many boutique wineries on these routes that are well worth exploring. You will also find tiny frescoed churches en route that form part of the UNESCO world heritage, painted churches of Troodos. The mountainous areas of Cyprus are of great interest to bird watchers, botanists, artists, hikers, cyclists and photographers, to name a few. This is due to the historical heritage and the unique natural environment or rural Cyprus.

If you want to enjoy a different kind of holiday, these off the beaten track locations have a lot to offer. There are many beautiful restored traditional houses that you can rent. Most of them have kept their old world charm, but they do not compromise on comfort as they will more than likely have new bathrooms and fully functional kitchens. A lot of these renovated houses also have a swimming pool, so there is no reason why you cannot enjoy the peaceful surroundings with all the luxuries you would expect to have when you are on holiday.

The villagers who live in these areas are well known for their hospitality and do not be surprised if you wake up in the morning and find a basket of fresh grapes or figs on  your doorstep. Taking a break in the rural areas of Cyprus will also give you the opportunity to sample some authentic Cypriot Cuisine, from specially made sausages, to homemade cheeses and seasonal fresh products which you will find at the local tavernas. Taking a walk in the countryside you will find orchards, olive groves and pine forests with many local attractions like lakes and waterfalls. The villages with their cobbled streets will have at least one coffee shop were you can enjoy a Greek coffee with the locals.

To name a few of the rural areas that are national treasures and worth visiting, in the Nicosia area you will find the village of Fikardou which although almost deserted, was declared and ancient monument by the department of antiquities in 1978. The 18th century houses have been carefully restored and two of these remarkable homes have been turned into museums. In 1987 the village won the Europa Nostra award. The village of Lefkara in the Larnaka area with its stone houses which have central courtyards and red tiled roofs is another must see location. Lefkara also has a reputation which goes back hundreds of years for producing the most amazing handicrafts.

Visit Choirokoitia which has a prehistoric settlement which has been declared a UNESCO world heritage site or the Angeloktisti church with boasts some of the finest Byzantine art which has been meticulously preserved to this day. If you travel out of Paphos or Limassol, into the countryside, you will find many interesting villages to visit. The routes travelling out of these towns are exceptionally picturesque and dotted with vineyards, orchards and forests with magnificent views. To investigate agro tourism in Cyprus in depth, you can visit the official website that promotes rural dwellings that you can rent for a few days which is